Core Goals

  1. Optimize delivery of quality ophthalmic service and infrastructure to improve and streamline patient care
  2. Provide holistic education to medical practitioners, allied health professionals, medical students and specialists in training, the community and patients.
  3. Investigate the nature of ophthalmic disease through clinical research leading to clinical care provision to the level of excellence.
  4. Trial ethics-approved novel treatments for sight-threatening eye conditions

Our primary goal is to provide a significant contribution to the eye health of Tasmanians and the wider community by –

  • Providing quality ophthalmic health services to the people of Tasmania
  • Streamlining the delivery of quality ophthalmic care through education and training of technicians and practitioners
  • Improving public understanding of common eye conditions by dissemination of accurate and relevant information
  • Facilitating the development of ophthalmic research, and the translation of research outcomes into clinical benefits
  • Supporting the health industry to develop therapeutic interventions for preventable vision loss